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Techcushy Software Solutions is a professional IT Consultancy Company, our highly experienced and professional group offers valuable advice and insights on online business strategy and other benefits in the use of information technology.

At Techcushy Software Solutions, our main focus is on market superiority and to provide customized solutions drafted to help our clients maximize their potential and reach key business goals. Using information technology you can transform your business, and become more effective, downplay costs and maintain greater control over their enterprise. We have partnerships with major software houses in order to provide specific management research, insights and solutions for critical events to our clients and finally achieve their business objective.

We treat each client and their business as our own with uttermost gravity and sensitivity because we consider every opportunity given to us a new challenge and a great learning curve and experience for the team, no matter if it is the same thing we do day in and day out.

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Techcushy, one of the dignitary firms in the market for software and assistance to patrons in real estate, communication, media and entertainment industries, we ensure client success by embracing their biggest challenges. Our extensive product portfolio and wide-range of proven services enable service providers to leverage their resources in terms of brand identity, customer relationship, operations, network and data in order to simplify the overall experience. We harness and capitalize on the data explosion, stay ahead with new age digital services and improve operational efficiency. We do not want to provide others as an example as we guarantee that our client themselves will become an example and their identity in the market an example for others to follow.

Today, the world is an invariably data-hungry society, where consumers want the ability to decide the blend of products and services they wish to possess as a resource, along with how and where they will resort or where they can recourse in the future.

Empowering all types of contrasting consumers and providers to take control of their experiences in real time, across any channel, service or device is the best way to mobilize any business or product. This requires service providers to reshape traditional BSS, OSS and network control domains, removing traditional barriers to service and system convergence in a simple way which will make things more transparent and have a global outreach as per how the technology today has advanced in gross dimensions, this is our primary objective and what we want to offer.

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