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At Tjori, our aim is to to bring the world a little closer. We travel to historically rich corners of the world to bring forward authentic handcrafted treasures. Over the years we have observed the contemporary lifestyle industry evolve and we have been able to create a niche space for our self. Tjori aims to redefine traditional Indian prints into modern contemporary chic fashion essentials. Our extra-ordinary silhouettes and timeless prints define ethnic-inspired authenticity and traditional aesthetics. We have been sourcing from artisans based in remote parts of the country with the aim to prosper by keeping the traditional Indian print forms alive. Also, our personal care range consists of 100% Organic and Ayurvedic products.
Tjori has become an integral part of the everyday lifestyle of modern contemporary women in India. We design and craft all our products in a range of aesthetics and fabrics, enabling our customers to experience handmade goodness and create a statement unique to their style. Our vision is to bring together traditional crafts and modern designs, creating contemporary products that are one-of-a-kind.

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