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Vox Spectrum is an international telecom group of companies with offices in the US, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.

We design, engineer, construct, install and maintain a broad range of voice, data, video and wireless infrastructure for clients worldwide.

But we’re not just about state of the art communications, we’re an organisation that’s also about people.

From a team of just two when we began our journey, to the present day with a worldwide presence of hundreds, we have consistently benefited from the dedication and professionalism of our employees.

Without them, our customers would not have known of Vox Spectrum or its offerings.

To them, we owe our disciplined approach and the quality of our delivery.

With healthy revenues and a diverse workforce of over 300 in over 15 countries, the Vox Spectrum group employs some of the industry’s leading managers and engineers.

Why you should work withTrue Blue India Voice Pvt Ltd

Vox Spectrum’s growth has been consistently strong since its formation. Our passion and commitment is to become a world leader and our global reach is constantly expanding.

But any company can boast growth, value systems and cultural capital. Ultimately, an organization is about human beings. Its success depends upon the people who make it up.

We believe the right people must always precede right processes and systems.

We encourage and empower every one of our staff to be fully involved - as individuals, as employees and as members of a team - in the process of establishing and
achieving our goals.

Indeed, the team is our most invaluable asset. Once team building is established, we find good policies and processes will inevitably follow.

What also distinguishes Vox Spectrum is its strong customer driven approach and the desire to meet clients’ demands for quality.

All our products and services are approved, produced and controlled maintaining world class standards based on the precise requirements and expectations of the client.

In this respect we are a ‘can-do’ rather than a ‘can-say’ company. Which is why we can say without false modesty that project management is our major strength.

So much so, that the group now enjoys an enviable reputation in every market it operates in, reflecting relationships that have withstood the test of time.

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