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It is well known that Financial Institutions (FI) find financing SME's profitable, but tough to scale. SME's, in turn, find institutional financing very efficient, but the toughest to access. Not surprising that research shows there are over 100 mn micro and SME's requiring over US $ 3.1 trillion in financing, not accessible from the banking channels.

Our two founders (a banker and a technologist) quickly realized FI''s could not solve the problem and scale the business either with a pure relationship driven model (employed in wealth management or corporate banking) or a technology driven process (used for retail). What the SME market needed was a strong service focus backed by an exceptionally simple technology.

As data integration was a key requirement to provide an "easy to use" service, we acquired SolutionNet, a company specializing in integrating enterprise systems deployed by corporates into the core processing systems used by FI's. We also acquired a very powerful suite of tools and products that act as a channel of communication between FI's and corporates.

We now have a rich portfolio of services and products to offer to the SME's, corporates and FI's who join our network. We not only facilitate the commercial part of the process that requires financing, but also provide the tools for paying, collecting and monitoring the financial transactions that a corporate needed to do with help of the FI. We also now can offer rich and meaningful tools to retail customers that enable financial services to be much more than account balances and transfers.

This is the genesis of Vayana and we welcome you to be part of this journey. Vayana ("weaving" in Sanskrit) is the place where enterprises and consumers connect to each other and to FI's.

Our mission will always be to create products and services that offer the simplest and quickest way for customers to access financial services from their FI's.

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