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Vitor Healthsciences is a healthcare solutions company with a focus on addressing the a market of the “not-yet-sick” customers. Today in India, more than 6 out of 10 deaths occur due to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases, stroke and cancers. A key challenge with these lifestyle diseases is that one does not see any symptom or pain for a long time giving a false sense of well-being while the risk grows within the body. When the conditions are detected, often it is too late to cure and there is a life-long management with debilitating lifestyle involved. Hence a very high priority need is to screen for these risks early to be able to avoid any further risk aggravation. This is doubly important for adults working in environment with high occupational health risks. Vitor Health's primary focus is to bring in best-of-class technology-enabled healthcare solutions to segments of population that are extremely underserved and constrained by lack of awareness, access and affordability. We are incubated by a program of Government of Karnataka(under Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS)) and the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse Bengaluru. Vitor Health provides cost-effective health-screening solutions to support early identification of risk- factors leading to non-communicable diseases among underserved populations.

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