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In recent years, we are witnessing an explosion in cases of chronic diseases and conditions - such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity and arthritis in India. The dramatic increase is such conditions is primarily due to poor lifestyle choices relating to lack of physical activity, improper nutrition & poor diet and higher stress at the workplace.

The incidence of such chronic conditions is now affecting at a much younger age, which coupled with our increasing lifespan and is threatening to impact the quality of life negatively over a longer period in our lifetime.

Due to the above reality, there is an urgent need for people to regularly assess their health and wellness and make suitable lifestyle modifications to take control of their health at an earlier age which helps to minimize occurrence of chronic disease and improve quality of life.

Mihtra is a personalized wellness ecosystem, which helps you proactively monitor your wellness in real time 24/7. We are a unique blend of healthcare expertise & technology, backed by the pedigree of our promoters who are medical professionals of global repute and technologists. Our aim is to be your trusted wellness friend who always keeps an eye on your wellness wherever you are and whatever you do. This philosophy is also embodied in our name Mihtra meaning friends.

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