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Webtunix AI is an artificial intelligence(ai) company that solves toughest challenges by providing, 2D Bounding box annotation tool, machine learning consulting services to improve the way of world.

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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 201550-200 EmployeesIT- Software


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Webtunix AI is an emerging Artificial Intelligence Company which provides artificial intelligence and data science services to businesses using publicly available data to the web. We have delivered world-class artificial intelligence services in UAE, Canada, Australia, China, and the USA too.

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 With Data Science, Webtunix analyses user behavior and builds relevancy models that learn and improve as data thus content and user activity grow as well as evolves. According to the client’s perspective, these technologies help in two ways: by understanding the Intent behind the query itself based on content and by delivering highly relevant results from search queries.

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