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Agronomist / Research Analyst

at  meir commodities

Agronomist / Research Analyst

at  meir commodities

Job has stopped accepting applications


15,000 - 30K  PM


1 yrto2 yrs experience| Resume Required


Churchgate, Mumbai

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Additional Details

Job Type

Full Time

Shift Timings

10:30 AM - 7:00 PM(day shift)

Working Days

6 days


Job Requirements


Graduation degree mandatoryCompulsory

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Agriculture mandatoryCompulsory


Experience as Analytics / Business Intelligence / Data Science in Export / Import / Trading mandatoryCompulsory

1 yr to 2 yrs of experience preferred


21 - 30 yrs


Good English skills - Ability to Speak, Read & Write

Good Marathi skills - Ability to Speak & Read

Good Hindi skills - Ability to Speak & Read

Job Description

Qualification: B.Sc./M.Sc. Agriculture

Minimum Percentage: 60% across schooling and college

About the Position:

We are currently seeking an Agronomist / Research Analyst which would work with the trading team based out of India and the partner research team based out of London to ascertain the current crop ideas, predict crop trends and provide in time value added suggestions to the trading desk.

Company Details

Company Logo

MEIR Commodities

Startup|Export / Import / Trading

MEIR Commodities is a freshly established company in the space of Agricultural Commodity trading which came into existence in 2018. In the first year of operations we have established ourselves in the space of Sugar, Molasses and Organics trading out of India. Our aim is to build sustainable trading models and provide value addition to the end consumer and the producer by integrating them with the dynamics of world prices.

Agronomist / Research Analyst

atMEIR Commodities


15,000 - 30K  PM


Churchgate, Mumbai


1 yrto2 yrs experience