Telemarketing Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities

Telemarketing jobs usually involve an executive based in a telemarketing call center and handle sales totally over a telephonic conversation. This job involves promoting a wide range of products or services by direct selling.


Job Description

  • Should be quite customer friendly and should be able to persuade the users.
  • Must understand what the customer requires and accordingly act on implementing and provide a relevant solution to them in a short span of time.
  • The main objective of a telemarketer is to promote the growth of the business by expanding the company’s customer network.


  • Contact individuals and businesses by telephone to promote products and services and should also request orders for good and products over a telephone.
  • Adjust a well-tailored sales pitch and deliver it efficiently to the customers also keeping in mind that they fulfill each and every requirements of a customer.
  • Candidate must be good in explaining the features of the goods or products/services which he/she is trying to sell.
  • Should be very persuasive in order to convince the customers to buy the product by illustrating it in such a way that it meets their needs.
  • Keep a record of each and every personal detail of the customer in their system and should also maintain all the conversations made over a telephone for future references.
  • They need to handle all the issues by the customer and be vigilant enough to provide a solution to them.
  • Schedule appointments so that the sales team gets in touch with the probable customers.
  • Most importantly, a telemarketer needs to follow up with the customer on what they had discussed in the last phone call.



Educational Requirements

  • Should at least hold a high school certificate in order to be eligible for a telemarketing job.
  • Should be well aware of all the Microsoft Office tools.
  • Bachelor's degree in Mass Media or marketing would prove to be an add-on. Some companies also prefer candidates who have relevant work experience in sales, marketing, promotions.


  • Should be very good with communication skills as the job mainly focusses on business growth over a telephonic conversation.
  • Should be well skilled in persuasion and negotiation.
  • Should be very persistent and result oriented.
  • Proven track record of fulfilling sales target.
  • Candidate should also be well versed with the CRM tool which could be an added advantage over other applicants.
  • Should have the willingness to learn and research on the market trends.
  • Should be quite patient and be adaptive to any stressful environment.


The average pay for a Telemarketer is Rs 162,152 per year.

But the average salary, right from the entry level to higher level ranges in between Rs 113,400 - Rs 305,209. (Source: Payscale)