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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 2014Chemicals / Fertilizers


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Its mission is to supply quality building chemicals, developed to meet the latest European Union standards to their valuable Indian Clients. Their commitment to Indian construction Industry is to identify and bring the most tested and proven waterproofing and Insulation products.

Its  vision is to become a prominent building chemical company in India through continuous efforts to understand local requirements and to share their International experience

At the core of its values are :

It values open and honest communication both internally, with their employees, externally, with clients and partners.
It's a strong company because of their collective knowledge of the industry requirements.
International experience gives them a foundation for discernment and the ability to carefully select products ,application methods to suit clients expectations.
They strongly believe the input from employees and end users plays a vital role to upgrade product ranges.

Polyurethane coatings, Polyurea coatings, Polyurethane sealants, Construction chemicals, Waterproofing, Wall coatings, Landscape waterproofing, Car park deck coating, Expansion joints, Drain walls, Adhesives, Binders, Industrial flooring, Sports flooring, Concrete protection, Water tanks and STP coatings, Crystalline admixtures, Swellable water bars, Epoxy coatings, Concrete sealers, and PUD

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