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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)IT - Hardware / Networking

About atlantis enterprises

Atlantis Enterprise is a leading Information Technology solutions provider and as one of the fastest growing IT companies in the private sector having catered exclusively to the Indian Railway industry. Atlantis Enterprise is a Business solution provider in "Hardware & Software Development" and in "Applied Electronics", we deliver "Technology Specific Implementation for Business Related Complicities." Atlantis Enterprise works with small,medium, and large firms, including Indian Government Sector,to help them solve their business challenges. Our approach is built on the success of using the right combination of strategy,people, processes, technology, and infrastructure for each client situation, to meet specific business needs/challenges and deliver expected results.

Jobs at Atlantis Enterprises

₹30.0K  - 40.0K  PM • Full Time Job
Experience: Min 3 yrs to 5 yrs
Mumbai, Mumbai