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Beanbag Beverages Pvt Ltd (Beanbag Beverages)

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

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About The Company

Beanbag Beverages is Manufacturing Organisation located at Goregaon.

Packaged Drinking Water, All Kinds And Types Of Flavoured Waters, Mineral Waters, Mountain Waters, Soft Drinks, Soda Of All Types, Concentrates, Other Non-alcoholic Drinks, Syrups, Extracts And Essence For Making Non-alcoholic Beverages And Drinks, Preparations For Making Beverages, Ale, Porter, Beer, Fruit Juices, Pulp, Vegetables Drinks, Vegetables Juices, Azian Drinks, Spring Water, Sarbat, Synthetic 'sweetened Aerated And Ready To Serve Beverages, Synthetics, Fruit Extracts, Fruit Syrups, Squashes, Crushes, Cordial, Barely Waters: And Purified/ Ozonized Drinking Waters And All Other Goods Included In Class-32

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