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Helping America's Middle Class make better financial decisions powered by AI

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StartupFounded in 201950-200 EmployeesBanking / Financial Services / Insurance


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We want to help all Americans reach better financial stability, using artificial intelligence and data science.

Banks offer increasingly complicated products that often don’t serve the best interests of consumers. Hidden fees, teaser rates, obtuse terms. Bright acts on your side to identify the best way to manage your money, without needing to do the work. The outcome is more control, fewer worries about your finances and more money for you.

Bright Money is a Consumer FinTech company based in San Francisco, USA, and Bangalore, India. It builds consumer digital products that use Artificial Intelligence to improve how people make personal financial decisions, with their credit cards, checking accounts and personal savings. 
The Bright team has a strong background in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences. The team was founded by Avi Patchava (former McKinsey, InMobi), Petko Platchkov (former McKinsey,CommuterClub founder), Varun Modi (former InMobi) and Alexander Seyfert (former Amazon,Yahoo). Bright has raised funding of $10m from 28 angel investors (incl. Naveen Tewari and Kunal Shah) between San Francisco and Bangalore, and 3 Venture Capitalist funds: Sequoia, Falcon Edge and Oakhouse partners.

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