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Convosight is the world’s first community management platform for entrepreneurs who are looking
to build, grow, engage, and monetize their online communities. The product has been launched
initially for Facebook Groups Admins.

Online Communities- ​an Ocean of information and Conversations
There are over 1Bn people in groups across millions of groups. It is a safe and trusted place for
many to connect with similar minded people to both seek and share information/opinions,
discuss topics, and give referrals/recommendations.

What are we doing
Convosight provides a platform for Community Admins to manage, track and grow and monetise
communities. Using techniques in Machine Learning and Conversation Analytics, we provide them
with recommendations for engagement and growth in members, group moderation & and insights
and reports to track their progress and impact they are creating.

Our Achievements so far

Launched in October 2019, we have more than 3000 communities onboarded on the platform with
30M+ members. The growth has been in communities spanning across several categories such as
parenting, hobbies, sports and fitness, entertainment, food and nutrition etc.

Testimonials from Admins:

We have offices in Delhi, Hyderabad and have recently launched in Singapore

Join our Journey...
Convosight has recently closed a $4 Million Pre-Series A Round by Top investors. Online
Community Managers have also shown a high amount of trust in Convosight and numbers of
onboarded communities on our tool are growing rapidly. We have also expanded our team
internationally in this duration, to find more ways and opportunities of making Convosight more
useful for them.
We are seeking self driven, knowledgeable and smart individuals who are excited about being a
part of one of the fastest growing startups in the country. Sounds like you? Get in touch with us,

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