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We, ENDEAVOUR is a contemporary academic institution serving the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry since 2013.

ENDEAVOUR conducts job-centric programs for Fresh Graduates below 24 Years, selected on the basis of their aptitude and communication skill in connection with the Pharmaceutical Industry requirement and specification.

Our Exclusive Industry focus approach makes us specialized Head Hunter, which allow us to perform the job more professionally and deliver the same within the shortest time frame. This makes Endeavour different among the lots of placement services. This Exclusive approach has build confidence among our client base and job seekers, who also has developed dependency as we believe in RIGHT JOB for RIGHT PERSON.

With increase in health awareness among the masses, there has been a significant technological change in the Pharmaceutical Industry at National and International Level. The HealthCare Industry administers care around the clock responding to the needs of million of people from newborn to critically ill.
We perceived the critical nature of the relationship between Medical Representative and the Doctor and therefore the importance of training Medical Representative was necessary.

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