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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 201650-200 EmployeesIT- Software



At Intelizest, we are committed to helping businesses all of sizes transform their ‘Applications’ using the right tools, processes and expertise. Our core Objective is to enable ‘Enterprise Automation’ for accelerated growth and simplified business solutions.

From engineering to application development, knowledge management and business process management, we do it all! Our Forward-Thinking Solutions, designed and architected by our experts, are created to help our clients achieve greater efficiencies while continuing to remain relevant.

We work with businesses across industry verticals providing them our state of the art and cost-effective technology solutions. Our product portfolio includes:

•iBWMS: An end to end IoT based Warehouse Management Solution created to improve warehouse inventory accuracy, reduce costs and maximize resource allocation.
•Criztel: An Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage and integrate the important aspects of your business.
•Turbozest: A predictive analytics application developed exclusively for CFO’s to enhance decision making from ‘sense and respond’ to ‘predict and act’.
•Rekochain: A smart supplier collaboration portal embedded in Blockchain, to make procurement and supply chain a seamless process.

Through our products and services, we aim to bridge the gap prevailing in the market because of the unprecedented growth of Mobility, Data and Cloud technology.

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