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Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Founded in 195950-200 EmployeesAdvertising / Media / PR


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How do you define an agency that is constantly redefining itself? We started out as Marketing and Advertising Associates, as far as 1959. One of the first wholly Indian Agency driven by the passion of a visionary, Ayaz S Peerbhoy, to evolve an Indian communications agency to reach out to the Indian consumer. Since then it has been a long journey of evolving & re -aligning ourselves to the changing mediascapes, always one step ahead. This is perhaps why we are known as the innovators of the industry. From being TQM complaint to pioneering the concept of Integrated Communications, with Vertical Specializations that works together to give a brand a planned synchronized voice across all media, to today being among the last Indian privately held Advertising agency.

MAA has spun traditional advertising into independent verticals of PR, Direct Marketing, Digital Advertising, Retail marketing and the path-breaking, Origene, that focuses on unlocking the economic drivers of a brand.
Few other agencies can claim as intimate a relationship with the evolving Indian consumer as the agency, or one that will never be found lagging when an inside out reinvention is necessary. Today we are a group with masters of all domains, each working independently, and yet are in complete harmony with the others in the group.


MAA Traditional Advertising: Advertising Strategy & Creative

MAA Digital Solutions: Comprehensive Digital Marketing & Communication

Origene: Unearthing, unlocking, unleashing the economic drivers of a brand.

Sabre Marketing Service: Direct Marketing

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