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Agriculture / Dairy
About The Company

MAI MATI is a social enterprise dedicated to creating wealth in Rural India. 
The co founder is Kavita Muktidoot Kowshik. Our dedicated team works for the Farmers of India and not for MAI MATI. Providing the Farmers with the reliable and co-efficient inputs such as extension advice, seeds, fertilizers and the credits and the guaranteed and profitable market for their output. 

So far MAI MATI has successfully been working in about 30 villages in 4 states (Maharashtra, North East, Kashmir and Kerala), and has improved the livelihoods of more than 5000 farmers. This has been done by creating better value chains in agriculture for various commodities, and creating different niche marketable products for different farmers groups, such as Khapli Wheat, Black Rice, Organic fruits and vegetables etc.

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