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Omnicuris is an impact driven social enterprise that has pioneered online continuous medical education by leveraging advanced digital technology and combining it with rich medical expertise of reputed medical associations and medical institutes in India with the primary goal of improving quality of healthcare through continuous education and training.

Omnicuris also works with various state governments to improve the quality of healthcare through upskilling of healthcare providers with a special focus on rural India. With partnerships of over 15 national medical associations and 10 premium medical institutes, Omnicuris works hand in hand with ministry of health and family welfare departments across various states on tangible metrics such as increasing early diagnosis, decreasing maternal mortality, increasing treatment accuracy rates, etc.

Our Purpose

Despite astonishing advances in medicine and technology, health care organizations regularly fails at the fundamental job to reliably deliver what is required-Quality Healthcare. A recent report published in The Lancet states that "More Indians die of poor quality care than due to lack of access to healthcare." In 2016, 1.6 million Indians died due to poor quality of care."For too long, the global health discourse has been focused on improving access to care without sufficient emphasis on high-quality care,” said Muhammad Pate, co-chairman of The Lancet Global Health Commission and co-author of the report.

Substandard care was a factor in 84 percent of cardiovascular deaths and 61 percent of post-birth complications. Less than half of suspected tuberculosis cases were correctly managed, and fewer than one in 10 people with a major depressive disorder received even minimally adequate treatment, the report said. Diagnoses are frequently incorrect for serious conditions" such as pneumonia, heart attacks, or new born asphyxia and many others.

Continuous Medical Education (CME) plays a key role in keeping healthcare providers abreast with best practices and latest developments in the field of medicine. Many studies have proven that improving knowledge and skills of healthcare providers on a continuous basis enables them to translate appropriate knowledge to clinical practise.

While CME is an integral part of on-going medical training, these programmes are spread across the country and are usually in the form of workshops and conferences. Being present physically intervenes with the daily practices of many doctors and doctors in many rural areas are still missing out as they have little or no access to such CMEs.

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