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SmarterHomes is a response to solve a real problem of increasing cost of
 water and utilities. We believe that making you aware will help you act
 responsibly. And the first step in bringing awareness starts with
measurement and comparison. After all, what you don't measure, you can't

At SmarterHomes, we aspire to work for a connected future by bringing
intelligence to the devices around us, so that when the devices become
intelligent, we start enjoying life without worrying about them. In the
future, we will never need to worry about energy management, security
and well being. SmarterHomes will make our lives smarter by
intelligently reporting and taking decisions for us. At SmarterHomes, we
 aim to reduce the consumption of resources, offering you greater
security and control, without affecting your quality of life.
Interestingly, this also saves money.

SmarterHomes is on a path of continuous innovation. We innovate using
cutting edge technology across engineering disciplines. We enhance
innovation based on our experience. We innovate to ensure that our
products and services remain unobtrusive, stay relevant and deliver

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