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SOHIGH AVIATION is a registered Non-Government Organization (Registration No.- 585/17 (NAG) is working for the revival of Humanistic importance at Nagpur Maharashtra.

 Foundation has organized for various-economic, educational and health-promoting activities aimed at improving the quality of life of deprived and under privileged people of the society. Understanding the need of the times  Foundation works in the areas of literacy, health, Road safety awareness, public safety and security, child health, save girl child, female empowerment, self-employment, advocacy and lobbying, environment, clean drinking water and sanitation, Rehabilitation of disabled children, loan, vocational training, education, etc.

We request you to kindly give your valuable time to understand this matter and give your contribution to this Foundation for doing Social work towards welfare of the people.

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A natural disaster manifests itself in the shape of several natural hazards such as avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslide, floods, tsunamis, storms, blizzards, droughts etc. It is whether Flood or Chennai Flood or Assam flood or disastrous Earthquake in, Maharashtra. These calamities wreck unbearable destruction. Human vulnerability and lack of proper planning and disaster management practices compound the woes of people with grave implications in terms of the economic, humanitarian and environmental costs. When a natural disaster strikes, it wrecks unimaginable loss of lives on the Earth. It destroys everything in a moment. Despite tremendous scientific and technological advancements, we do not exactly know when and where a particular disaster will strike. It is a natural process and we cannot stop it. 

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Airport Cargo Staff

Rupee Icon35K  - 45K  PM

Rupee IconFreshers can apply
Rupee IconNewtown, Kolkata+4 more

Airport Cabin Crew

Rupee Icon35K  - 45K  PM

Rupee IconFreshers can apply
Rupee IconDum Dum, Kolkata+3 more

Airport Ticketing Executive

Rupee Icon18,000 - 25K  PM

Rupee IconFreshers can apply
Rupee IconDum Dum, Kolkata+3 more