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AboutThe Better India

At The Better India, we consider ourselves to be an Impact Platform. Not only are we Asia's largest positive journalism house, but we are also on our way to building the largest impact-focused e-commerce platform in India!

We love to tell stories of change, innovation, and heroics of ordinary citizens... and we love how these stories inspire us and our readers into action! Over the years we've raised lakhs in relief money, brought recognition and national awards to many of our protagonists, highlighted issues that ultimately had an impact at the level of government, and much, much more!

We reach out to over 50 MILLION people each month with more than 5000 stories. We are now aggregating artisans, SMEs, and marginalized communities who produce amazing, utility, and sustainable products for the purpose of impacting these communities and the environment.

Only one vision drives us - Creating large scale positive impact! And that's a mission that we all have to get on board with.

Dia Mirza, Adil Hussain, Vithoba, Lisa Ray, Andrew Buncombe, Bibek Debroy, Dr. Vishal Rao and many many more of our readers come together to share why they love reading The Better India!

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