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Multimedia Communications is a television production company with an experience of over fifteen years, whose repertoire includes nonfiction shows of all genres including fashion and beauty shows, celebrity chat shows, reality shows, lifestyle shows, health and wellness shows, cookery shows, gadget and automobile shows, women’s shows, events, film based shows and travel shows.

With a dynamic work portfolio that goes beyond two decades, today The Ramp & EWS stands with a rich experience that goes to make any event successful and memorable. An in house modelling agency, effective talent bookers and creative set designers, gives The Ramp an edge to create events focusing on the minutest of details. On the other hand, The Event Workshop has a global recognition as one of India’s leading experts with brand launches, lifestyle events, television event planning as its forte. EWS brings you a brand specific event taking care of every aspect from the planning to the execution for an absolute success.

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